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25 August
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~about the author

I’m a 20 y/o pre med student, known for having been able to ship almost every slash couple on Earth. My pretty little head becomes easily obsessed by a random couple of cute boys for 2 weeks or so, right before losing almost completely interest, so don’t be upset if I don’t write about someone anymore. I’m just that childlish. Not mother tongue, so please if you notice typos/horrible, say so! Won’t bite, if you throw me a cookie first. After all, my name is the Italian version of Daisy, so I must be a girly girl, right?

~bring me the luv

In case it wasn’t clear, I’m a slash fangirl. A die hard one, too. Yeah, I know I rock ;) I have some het couples among my team, but who has never dreamt of pushing Mary Sue out of the picture and lock the 2 hot guys in the wardrobe for 2 hours?! At the moment I am interested in: Glee: SAM/BLAINE Criminal Minds: MORGAN/REID, Twilight saga: JACOB/EDWARD, Queer As Folk: BRIAN/JUSTIN, Torchwood: JACK/IANTO


All the artworks I use are made by me (If not, in the description of the userpic you’ll find the name of the maker ;) ) and can be found at my graphic Journal (Pretty shiny link just below) which is also what to credit if you wish to take something =)
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